I am SO cross, it’s untrue! Why? Because in all the fun of yesterday, all I took was one photo, of the yarn set up in the gorgeousness that is fluph. (look at those sheep! Fluph sells those. How gorgeous!)

The yarn on display at fluph

Before you think it looks a bit skimpy, can I say that this was 4 hours into a 6 hour session, so that’s why the blue looks a bit depleted. Guess what colour I’ll be dyeing next week?

We spread the fibre out on every available surface, but I didn’t take a snap of that. Luckily, one of the lovely customers,  (who would you believe I have met before, nearly five years ago) had her camera. Her instagram feed is here.

My first impressions of fluph were that is was as cosy as it looks on Leona’s instagram feed (What can I say? I’ve been following her for a while. I’m easily hooked by beautiful spaniels). I think it is everything a yarn shop should be. Lots of light. Interesting yarns. Some great workhorses (I LOVE Drops Fabel sockyarn). Sofas. A seemingly endless supply of tea and coffee. A welcoming atmosphere. I have not felt this welcomed and comfortable in a yarn shop since Fibre and Clay closed in Knutsford. If you are ever in Dundee, I heartily recommend this place. I am of course biased, because I have visited none of the other yarn shops in Dundee but to be honest, with the lovely atmosphere, squishy sofas, regular knit night and the lovely Leona, I’m not sure I want to go anywhere else.

Thank you LJ and thank you to all your lovely customers. I would love to come back again!

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