Exciting News!

Ok, so I can’t say much at the moment, but if you like crochet, then keep a look out over the next few months as there are exciting developments happening in this little part of Cheshire.

New bases…

New weights in old friends…

The “K” word…

So excited I could burst!!!


In addition to this, there are still a couple of spots available in the first Round of the Fibre Explorers’ Club.

Fibre Explorers' Club
Fibre Explorers’ Club

This is a quarterly club, with Round 1 covering the first quarter of 2016. Each month for the three months’ duration you will receive 150g of fibre, hand dyed by me in a not-to-be repeated colourway. Sometimes the fibre may be a familiar face, sometimes it may something a little less common. It may even be a special blend created specifically for the club. What I can promise is that each month’s parcel will contain 150g of fibre of which at least 75% is British (or British Overseas Territory) wool. It will probably be combed tops… but might not be! After all, we are exploring, right? The club will cost £50 per quarter, which includes postage, and each month’s parcel will be sent out by the 20th of the month. It is a three month subscription – so what are you waiting for?

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