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Recently my co-conspirator Valerie, aka Agrarian Artisan, pointed me in the direction of this Facebook page: The North West Fibre Arts Trail.


The aim of the Trail is “to help NW fibre artists and small producers to promote their work to the public via exhibitions, sales, demonstrations, workshops etc. 30th Sept – 14th Oct”. Well, what’s not to like? I hit the “Like” button and began to ponder how I could get involved. Suggestions on the page included having a pop-up shop (but where?) or an Open Studio (have you SEEN the state of my house?) and to begin with I was a bit stumped. The idea of an Open Studio sounds so wonderful and a couple of my friends have done it in the past but to be honest I live at the bottom of a very long cul-de-sac in a rabbit warren estate, so parking is not ideal and my house is just not suited to a stream of visitors. Oh, who am I trying to kid? There’s nothing wrong with my house, it’s just my lifestyle that doesn’t lend itself to it!

Anyway, while I was deliberating and had come to the conclusion that the only possible way was a Pop Up in a local yarn store (and to be honest the number of ones with space available in my immediate locale is dropping…), Valerie dropped me an email. She hosts a regular crochet workshop which falls within the fortnight, but a Monday might not be the best day and her venue has limited parking. While pondering the use of another venue, she had realised that there was a lovely village hall nearby, but the cost of the hall hire was prohibitive on her own – would I be interested in sharing the costs? Within a very short time, we’d bounced ideas around and I can now proudly announce that Saturday 1st October sees the very first Cheshire Fibre Festival, at the Hall at Marthall, just off the A537 Knutsford to Macclesfield Road. Valerie will be offering a range of crochet workshops and selling her patterns, I will have my yarns and fibres for sale and we have also approached a number of other Cheshire based Fibre Artisits to see if they would like to be involved. I’m delighted to announce that Crafts From The Dungeon is one of our vendors.

Right now I’m wobbling between excitement and terror (but hey ho, what else is new, lol!) Keep the date free and keep your eyes peeled as we release more details…

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