Fancy A Voyage of Discovery?

2018-01-30 16.21.05

It seems amazing to me that we are already looking at the end of the first moth of 2018. It feels like but a short time ago I was halfway through college, and now look where we are!

If you want to know about my recent college journey and what I’ve done since it finished, I recommend you catch up on the last few episodes of the podcast (Episodes 96 onwards). Whilst I was reviewing the weaving journey I’ve been on, and also thinking about my visit to Skye last year, I dreamt up the Voyager Fibre Club.

The Voyager Fibre Club is a chance to widen your horizon with a fibre and exclusive colourway inspired by a geographical, historical or scientific journey. Every other month you will receive 100g of fibre, dyed in an exclusive colourway inspired by the journey theme. The fibre might be 100% breed specific, or it may be a blend, but will always contain at least 70% British or British Overseas Territory wool. Some months the fibre may be a familiar friend; other times it may be a custom blend specifically created for the club!

You can choose to order a parcel of 100g, 200g or 300g of the fibre; prices start from £15 for one instalment of 100g or £40 for three consecutive instalments of 100g.

Clubs will be sent out by the 28th of the month in March, May, July, September and November and the price includes postage within the UK. Additional postage will apply for locations outside of the UK.

The deadline to register for the March 2018 instalment is March 14th unless the club sells out beforehand. Registration opens to the public on the 1st February and spaces are limited. I can’t wait for you to join me on this Voyage!

Nic x

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