Wow. Just…wow!


So July passed in a blur of supply, dyepots, family occasions and gearing up for Fibre East, and I never did get back to you to let you know about the other yarn bases… but I did squawk quite a lot about it on social media and via my newsletter (are you subscribed? Here’s the link if you’re not). Turns out, my customers are pretty amazing, and a huge burst of activity at the end of the month just before I closed the preorders saw my donation target (which I’d set as £36 – the donation from the 12 items I mentioned in the last post – and achieved very swiftly) totally smashed. I was able to donate £258 to The Joshua Tree, so I’m thrilled… and humbled… and a bit overwhelmed to be honest. The reaction the range for at Fibre East was very positive and it’s given me a lot of food for thought. Meanwhile I have a lot of pre-orders to work on over the next few days..

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