Episode 24: Wonderwool Wales 2011

Hello from a blooming Cheshire Plain. In this episode, come with me as I go to Wonderwool Wales! Apologies for the occasional background noise, I’ve tried to even the levels out as best I could.

On my needles and spinning wheel: I’ve been working on a bear for the Mother Bear Project, some Baker’s Dozen Squares and my sock yarn blanket. I’ve also tried plying the Picperfec singles into a 4 ply and it’s just what I want!

At Wonderwool I met up with guzzisue from the Spinnotts (click here for more info about them) and ambermoggie at the Ravelry Meet-up area. I also spotted Jess in the finger-crocheted hat (sorry, can’t remember your Rav name!) teaching Angie and Penny how to spin:

I spotted more historic mill bobbins at The Threshing Barn and bought one.

I also bought some fibre from Freyalyn’s Fibres and some felted jewellery making cupkits from Bryncurl Workshops.

I also saw some sheep! First some Shetlands…

… then a gorgeous Leicester Longwool…

…and finally some Manx Loaghtan (but I only photographed the ram, not the two ewes).

Music: Rondopolska by Barry Philips, from the album TrĂ¥d, available from Magnatune.

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TTFN, Nic x