Episode 29: Postcards (From The Edge?)

Hello from a hectic Cheshire Plain! I’m back to earth with a bump after what may well be the best holiday I’ve ever had. Join me as I knit at some spectacular landmarks!

Knitting on the Easy Knits plain vanilla sock at Four Corners:

And again at Monument Valley:

The “I Remember Mama” socks (my project details here) at the Grand Canyon:

And at London Bridge at Lake Havasu City:

Then in front of the Golden Gate Bridge (it is there, honestly!):

And at AT&T Stadium, watching the Giants versus the San Diego Padres.

Whilst in San Francisco, I visited two yarn stores recommended by listeners. First up, the delightful Imaginiknit on 18th Street at Sanchez. This is the animal fibre room….

…whilst this is the plant-and-other-fibres room.

Then the unique Artfibers on Sutter Street and Grant.

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