Episode 41: A Postcard From Manchester

Hello from the Cheshire Plain. Spring is definitely in the air! This episode sees the launch of a new, occasional, series A Postcard From… A prize is available for anyone who can identify the music clips in the postcard!

Works in Progress: No work on the Damson Shawl as part of the Caithness Craft Collective Knitalong. Ravelry details are here.

I’ve completed a second bear this year for the Mother Bear KAL/CAL over at the CogKNITive podcast. This one is called Frank, in honour the the recently departed Frank Carson.


Woolsack Update: I’m partway through another cushion for Woolsack. Although I described the pattern, I didn’t actually name it (shame on me). It is Tilting at Windmills by Woolly Thoughts.

Woolsack cushion V

Spinning: I’m still spinning the Cheviot I got in the Secret Santa on the UK Spinners board on Ravelry from Shunklies. I’m now over three-quarters of the way through it.

A Postcard from…Manchester

Whilst writing these show notes, I’ve made the horrific discovery that my memory card has corrupted, so I only have a few photos that I took on my phone to share, and those do not include the detail from The Hireling Shepherd by William Holman Hunt. So sorry!

The Jasperware by Wedgewood on the landing in the Manchester Art Gallery.

And the landing itself, looking at the casts of the Parthenon friezes.

This is the sign I mentioned when I was outside Affleck’s.

I took some superb pictures of the theatre-in-the-round structure inside The Royal Exchange, but sadly you’ll just have to put up with these two wobbly shots of the same area, to go with the shortened clip (I was just too quiet!)

Links: Woolsack; Mother Bear Project; iMake Podcast; Knit A Journey Podcast; Fred Aldous; Purl City Yarns.

Music: Rondopolska by Barry Philips, from the album Tråd, available from Magnatune.

We have a listeners’ map. Please go on over to pop in a pin – I’d love to see where you all are!

Feel free to leave a comment here or email me at yarnsfromtheplain AT googlemail DOT com. We have a Ravelry group here, so come on over to chat. You can find me on Ravelry as talesfromtheplain and on Twitter as talesfromplain (although Tweeting can be sporadic!).



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