Episode 95: Redivivus

Hello again! I know, I know, it’s been aaaages…

On The Needles and Hooks

I have just cast on Pond Street by Alison Moreton. It’s a simple shallow crescent scarf with a chevron pattern in garter stitch. I’m using Titus by baa ram ewe.

I’m also working on a sample for one of the crochet kits I’m working on with Agrarian Artisan. It uses 15 colours of Stanley Sock, a new weight of my Stanley Falkland Merino.

2016-03-09 10.04.46

In the Weaving Shed
Nothing currently on any of my looms, but I have just ordered the yarns for my next college project.

Tales From The Hen House
All three chicken are well, but egg production is down.

The baa ram ewe products Launch Night at Knitwise Ormskirk.

Something I Really Like
Outlander. Where has it been all my life? (well ok, the last 25 years at least…)

Shiny Bees Podcast
Knit British Podcast
baa ram ewe
Knitmore Girls Podcast
Caithness Craft Collective Podcast

Rondopolska by Barry Philips, from the album Tråd, available from Magnatune.

Make Contact!
We have a listeners’ map. Please go on over to pop in a pin – we’re covering 5 continents now but I’d still love to see where you all are! Please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at yarnsfromtheplain AT googlemail DOT com. Yarns From The Plain now has a Facebook page here – come over and hit that like button! There’s a Ravelry group for both the podcast and the shop, so come on over to chat. You can find me on Ravelry as talesfromtheplain, on Instagram as @yarnsfromtheplain and on Twitter as @yarnsfromplain.

Nic x

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3 thoughts on “Episode 95: Redivivus”

    1. Now sorted! Sorry, for some reason the little widget player won’t embed, so I’ve added a download button instead until I can sort that issue to allow you to stream it.

  1. Haha, do you like my way of making sure you remembered who I was by cyber-stalking you ever since?! You’re as famous as you want to pretend to be, I say 🙂

    Well done on clambering back on the podcasting horse – keep up the good work.

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