Episode 96: Redivivus Revisited… Shall We Try Again?

Hello again! It’s been 18 months, so you are excused for thinking I had permanently shut up shop… but I haven’t. This episode is just a brief catch up on key points of the last year and a half and a chance to check I can actually remember how to do this…

I can’t believe it was this time three years ago that I was waiting to find out if I had been accepted onto the HNC course and now here we are with it behind me. As part of the course I needed to set up a blog and there are posts about all six of the projects over there on the Nicola Rudd Textiles site. to facilitate all the weaving, I bought a second hand Ashford 4 shaft table loom, which can be used for teaching as well as weaving items. I am also the lucky owner a Louet Magic Dobby, with 24 shafts, which enables me to create some pretty complex structures.

Tales From The Hen House
Sadly, over 13 months we lost all three chickens as our lovely old lady Stella. We are now owned by a very lively young cat called JJ.

Finished Items
A range of sample scarves for crochet kits designed by Agrarian Artisan, including two versions of Autumn Beaches (Ravelry details here and here), two versions of The Circle Line (Ravelry details here and here), Fruitilicious and Sigrun’s Scarf. The kits are available in the shop.

Sigrun's Scarf
Sigrun’s Scarf

Knitting wise, I completed a simple cabled hat, A Hat Fit For a Fella by Shana Schasteen in Mobberley Aran. a pair of Dashing mitts by Cheryl Niamath in the same yarn for me and a pair for Dad in Plumley, a pair of June Bug socks by Jennifer Brooks Rice for Mum in a new DK yarn, Capesthorne, and a set of Falling Leaves boot toppers by Fiona Hamilton-Maclaren from the book Highland Knits. I also knitted a cowl using Gemma’s first hand-spun, based on Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s One Row Handspun Scarf pattern.

Rondopolska by Barry Philips, from the album Tråd, available from Magnatune.

Make Contact!
We have a listeners’ map. Please go on over to pop in a pin – we’re covering 5 continents now but I’d still love to see where you all are! Please feel free to leave a comment here or email me at yarnsfromtheplain AT googlemail DOT com. Yarns From The Plain now has a Facebook page here – come over and hit that like button! There’s a Ravelry group for both the podcast and the shop, so come on over to chat. You can find me on Ravelry as talesfromtheplain, on Instagram as @yarnsfromtheplain and on Twitter as @yarnsfromplain.

Nic x

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One thought on “Episode 96: Redivivus Revisited… Shall We Try Again?”

  1. Hi Nic!

    Thanks for saying hello and for making my right bicep, (semi)-famous in the knitting world! Great to see you back and congrats on finishing your course!

    Gina xx

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