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Gremlin Attack!

Arghhh!!!!! the Gremlins have got in! Between 47 minutes and 51 minutes of Episode 14, you are going to be subjected to the most bizarre bit of audio – I’m describing cow colours and I seem to have been taken over by an alien from Dr Who. You can make out the words, but really, I’m only talking about colours and cow’s backsides. Just fast forward! Sorry!!!


She’s Back!

I can’t actually believe it, but Lilly is home – filthy, ravenous and cross, but home! I decided on a last ditch attempt this morning by ringing around the local vets and lo and behold my own vets thought they had a cat brought in yesterday that matched her description. I hot-tailed it there after work and it is indeed my Lil, found nearly a mile away. She’s lost her last canine tooth and had virtually eaten the surgery out of house and home, including trying to swipe the vet’s sarnies at lunchtime. “She’s feisty, that one,” was the last comment made by the nurse. No kidding!