Meet The Bases: Mobberley

So I thought that it was about time I introduced you to my woolly babies! I have a number of different yarn bases, all using British wool, although not all bases are currently available in the shop. The first base I want to introduce you to is Mobberley.

2014-11-14 07.05.49
A range of Mobberley 4 ply

Now, many of my local customers have realised, but my wider customer base may not have done, that my yarn bases are all named after towns and villages in Cheshire (well, all except one but that’s for another post!). Mobberley is a village between Wilmslow and Knutsford, close to Manchester Airport. I love little nuggets of useless information and I was delighted to be reminded that Mobberley was the home of George Mallory, the mountaineer.

The base is custom-spun in Devon, from 70% Exmoor Blueface and 30% British Alpaca. It was originally spun for LaalBear, but I bought her undyed stock and the mill were happy to continue to spin the blend for me. However, this does mean that it isn’t a yarn I can restock from a warehouse, so currently only have an aranweight in stock in the Etsy shop. Don’t worry, I do have some waiting for my new shop launch, which should be very soon!

The Exmoor Blueface is local to the mill in Devon and is a cross between the Exmoor Horn and Blue Faced Leicester. The Exmoor Horn contributes hard wearing attributes, whilst the Blue Faced Leicester gives softness. Blending with the British Alpaca gives the finished a halo typical of alpaca blends and the overall yarn is soft to handle.

2015-04-02 13.07.49
Bridge Over The Forth, an exclusive colourway for BritYarn

It comes in three weights; 4 ply, DK and Aran weight. Each skein weighs 100g , with 4ply being 333m, DK being 250m and Aran being 176m per 100g. In terms of construction, the 4ply weight is (confusingly) made up of 3 plies, as is the Aran weight, which leads to a plump yarn with good squish factor. The DK weight is constructed from 4 plies and is a firmer yarn, but no less soft.

Mobberley Aran in Bewitched
Mobberley Aran in Bewitched

I absolutely love this yarn and think it is great for all sorts of accessories. The fine halo gives a nice finish, and I love using it as weft in weaving. It makes cosy socks, with some stating that the Exmoor Blueface makes it hardwearing enough for boot socks, but I haven’t made a pair yet so cannot vouch for that. A fine lace pattern would be softened by the alpaca halo, which gives the finished piece charm. I find it a very warm yarn, due to the loft, particularly in the 4ply.

Mobberley 4ply for BritYarn
Mobberley 4ply for BritYarn

It takes colour beautifully, but due to the alpaca content, perhaps more softly than other bases. I love dyeing it and wish I had Hermione’s time turner so I could knit all the things I want to in this yarn!

So what would you knit in Mobberley?


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