A Revolution in Online Yarn Shopping?

I am delighted to share with you the news that today, a brand new online yarn shop has opened, called BritYarn.

Brit Yarn

It has been set up by Isla Davison, who I have “known” through Twitter for a long time and who shares many of the same passions for British Wool as I do. BritYarn is a company that does exactly what it says on the tin – selling British yarns and pattern support. On the website, Isla explains the ideas and driving force behind the formation of BritYarn:

“Friends and family suggested I open a wool shop knowing my passion for wool and knitting. Having shrugged off their suggestions, I never imagined myself running a business but life changing circumstances presented life changing opportunities and, in late 2014, the idea of BritYarn started to develop.

I have been knitting for several years and have become really interested in where the wool or fibre comes from. However, as a knitter, I was becoming increasing frustrated when it was either not clear where the wool originated from or was simply labelled as manufactured in Britain. This desire to understand the provenance of my wool has developed into BritYarn and our woolly principles.”

I love the idea of BritYarn’s Woolly Principles, and many of them chime with the ideas and vision I had when I set up Yarns From The Plain. I wanted to celebrate and support the British Wool Industry through sourcing the fibre and where possible through all stages of processing (not always easy!)

BritYarn’s Woolly Principles

  • First and foremost, BritYarn must love it if we’re going to stock it. We believe in using materials and patterns we love, to create beautiful, long-lasting items.
  • BritYarn embraces provenance. It’s hugely important to us to know, as far as possible, the origins of our products and to share these details with our customers. BritYarn will clearly outline where the wool was spun and dyed; some wool may be spun or dyed outside of Britain, and if it is, we’ll tell you. It’s all about being able to trace the journey of the product and make informed choices.
  • BritYarn’s definition of “British” includes British Overseas Territories (e.g. The Falkland Islands). 
  • BritYarn celebrates the British Wool industry. Wool content in a yarn must be 100% British grown.  Any natural fibres (where present) in a blend, e.g. linen, will comprise a maximum of 50% of the total content.  Synthetic material (where present) in a blend, e.g. nylon will comprise a maximum of 25% of the total content.
  • BritYarn supports British businesses. Wool, patterns and accessories as well as business support will be sourced exclusively from British suppliers. We believe in shopping local and helping to sustain British businesses.


A set of principles to be proud of there I am sure you will agree, and as you will have realised, close to my heart and vision for Yarns From The Plain.

With that in mind, I am delighted to say that I have dyed a set of exclusive colourways on my gorgeous Mobberley 4ply base, just for BritYarn. Isla and I thought it would be fun to link the colours to British landmarks, so we had a fine old time bouncing possible ideas around. I really wanted to capture a combination of both the natural and industrial beauty of Britain (no, really, some of our industrial heritage is just stunning!), plus we thought it would be fun to have a colourway inspired by the BritYarn logo. I took individual photos of the colourways, but this photo is one Isla took, showing all 6 colours together.

2015-06-02 07.44.27

From the top left, going clockwise, we have Blackpool Illuminations, (variegated), Bridge over the Forth (semi-solid russett), Usk Valley (semi-solid green), Heather on The Moors (tonal purples), BritYarn (variegated) and Ironbridge (tonal greys).

Remember, these colourways will only ever be available from BritYarn, so if you want them, you need to nip over there quickly. In fact, several had sold before 7 this morning!


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