Meet The Bases: Nether Alderley

This week’s featured yarn is the yarn I have been working with for the longest period of time. It was one of the first two yarn bases I named (sadly the other, a gorgeous DK is no longer available), when I decided that I was going to name the yarn bases after settlements in Cheshire. Nether Alderley is a small village of just over 500 inhabitants (about half the size of Chelford?) and is about half a mile from Alderley Edge, a larger village that lies below a thickly wooded sandstone ridge of the same name, which is one of my favourite spots in the county.

View from Alderley Edge
View from Alderley Edge

Good view, huh? If you ignore the loon trying to get the perfect jump selfie, that is…

Anyway, back to our tour of Cheshire. Nether Alderley is not far from Wilmslow and therefore falls into the “footballer belt”. Both David Beckham and Ole Gunnar Solskjær have lived there. so did Neil Hamilton, when he was MP for Tatton. Moving on…

Nether Alderley in "Coming Through The Rye"
Nether Alderley in “Coming Through The Rye”

Nether Alderley is a 4ply 100% British Blue Faced Leicester that is spun in Yorkshire. It has a high twist that gives super stitch definition, so it looks great when used for lace projects. The high twist also makes it harder wearing than a standard 100% BFL 4ply, so it works for socks too (I know, I know, some of you just much prefer to have nylon in there to guard against the friction!). The yarn is a little plumper than Chelford, with 110g in each skein, yielding approximately 385m.

Nether Alderley in "Cocktails At Dawn"
Nether Alderley in “Cocktails At Dawn”

I have been slowly running down the Nether Alderley in the Etsy shop, as it was the last of the original stock I bought, but never fear, I have a lot dyed up ready for the summer shows and the new website launch. Due to the worldwide rise in the price of Blue Face Leicester, the new stock will be on sale at £14.50.

Go on then, what would you make with a skein of Neither Alderley?

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