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Hi everyone,
My mind is turning towards next year and product development and I’d really appreciate some feedback if you have the time.

I’m currently developing some weaving kits based on 120-200g yarn (either a skinny version of Stanley, my Falkland merino, at 400m per 100g or a new merino/silk 4ply, again 400m), with either co-ordinated mini skein warps or a hand painted painted warp plus weft and instructions.

I’m also working with a crochet designer to develop some crochet scarf/stole kits. One of these would be a single skein kit, the rest would be based on mini-skeins, with one having 4 colours and others having more (potentially up to 15-20). I envisage these being Mobberley, merino or merino/silk, and would come with the yarn (somewhere between 100-300g based on early estimates) and a printed pattern.

I have researched prices of kits currently on the market (mainly knitting), but I’m interested to know how much people have paid/would pay for a kit at a show.

Thanks for your time, much appreciated. All responses will be entered into a wee draw to say thanks!

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